Houses of Multiple Occupation - HMO Investment Strategies

At a time where low-income workers and families struggle to access low-cost housing or a place to call home, our mission is to help underpin the drive towards sustainable housing by providing communities with access to high quality, affordable accommodation in conjunction with our clients.

With housing demand outstripping supply in the UK, HMO’s are an excellent investment opportunity for property investors looking to diversify their portfolio and investment portfolio. By carefully selecting a 3-bedroom home in an area of high need and high potential value appreciation, we convert and renovate the house into a 6-bedroom house of multiple occupation.

This generates income from 6 rooms, netting you an income of between £1,200 and £1,500 per month.

Tenants can either be blue collar workers or local councils. The latter provides a guaranteed income from the investment, supporting the growing need for social housing in the UK

Our service goes above and beyond just the sourcing and development of properties however, through our ‘Turnkey mentality’ we also ensure our clients have access to our specialist “power team” of solicitors, development financiers and accountants to ensure your property journey is in safe hands.

Through our extensive planning and creative design activity we form
close ties with local authorities to ensure we not only create enjoyable
living spaces for our tenants, but also ensure the properties we
renovate are to the highest possible standard and surpass the
regulations laid out.

Upon completion (6 months) you will receive the majority of your capital back too!
Deposit and refurbishment costs required to make this opportunity work, £150,000.



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